Africa-not just a view of wild life

Africans are also rational and conscious beings who partake in their government, get education, form various groups, peer groups and organizations in the society. They are people who learn, pursue goals and aspire to ensure peaceful co-existence in their society, it doesn’t matter how modern or how traditional the life style they chose to live is, an African is an African.

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Top 20 Most Beautiful Africa Countries

African Countries and Their Capitals

African Countries and Their Capitals 1.Algeria – Algiers 2.Angola – Luanda 3.Benin – Porto-Novo 4.Botswana – Gaborone 5.Burkina Faso – Ouagadougou 6.Burundi – Bujumbura 7.Cameroon – Yaounde 8.The Republic of Cabo Verde – Praia 9.The Central African Republic – Bangui 10.Chad – N’Djamena 11.Comoros – Moroni 12.D R Congo –

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Top 20 Most Beautiful African Countries

Africa, with all its infamous controversies for poverty and under-development, has one quality for sure; she is a beautiful continent. Africa offers many hidden gems with great lakes and waterfalls, crystal blue beaches and pearly white sand, amazing flora and unbelievable wildlife and mountains within its borders. According to the

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