Africa-not just a view of wild life

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Someone once said; go to a foreign country and introduce yourself as an African and you’ll be surprised when someone comes up to you and says; “oh! So you’re from Africa? Do you happen to know John? He was also from Africa”.
Hilarious right? How do you expect me to know a John from Africa just because I’m African? It’s like asking me if I know a cho chang from china because I’m Chinese.

Now what does this portray? It shows that majority of human’s live by assumptions. Our judgments and knowledge of things are mostly based on our assumptions of them, that is, we suppose things without proofs. So you didn’t grow up in Africa and have created an assumption of Africa in your head based on one or two things you’ve heard or come across. Some can even go further and ask; “who is the president of Africa?” Which is even more hilarious.

There are lots of assumptions about Africa and lots of explanations need to be done, a lot of people get shocked when they unravel the mystery behind the continent they thought they knew. Many know Africa as the home of blacks where everyone of black origin and roots came from, which is almost true, but let’s analyze Africa:

Africa is a “continent” is in fact the second largest continent in the world with about 11,677,239 square miles and covers 6% of earth’s total surface area and 20% of its land area with about 1.216 billion population, 54 countries, over 3,000 tribes and over 3,000 native languages. Sure you think that’s a lot of information.

Now, there is one assumption people make many times about Africa, they think it is just a view of wild life. So yeah, you deserve a vacation, no lies, you really do, but why not go to a bunch of other places that exists in the world? Why Africa? Why see or assume an entire continent as which mostly consist of jungles where so many wildlife, native and primitive activities occur.

Someone somewhere outside Africa has pictured almost half the entire continent a jungle or forest.  So they see amazing view of wildlife ahead, they can’t wait to pull up in a jeep and stroll the entire forests throwing food at animals and taking pictures of lions, elephants, zebras etc, then going into villages to see people of the darkest skin tones staring blankly and ignorantly at their cameras, film eager and hungry eyed children then post on their social media handles and tag “Africa”.

So basically when you go Africa its obviously to see wildlife animals, people living very backwards and ancient lives in mud huts, children who stare continuously at phones and cameras and wonder in amazement and confusion what strange objects they are.

Well, let’s take it easy there and understand things based on facts and not assumptions, let’s partake in a little bit of awareness:

Africa can proudly boast of possessing these wonderful tropical characteristics, temperaments and geographical features which differentiates it from that of the other continent.

Every civilization today indeed has a past and has passed through stages of developments till it became what it is today. Same applies from Africa. There are traditional customs, values and norms that we have lived by in past (but still regard till date).

However, these traditional customs are what we are still being known by. These traditional customs are seen by others as primitive, native and savage.

In nature, ways differ, the African ways and environment differs from that of the European. However these differences don’t reduce Africans as local, savage or primitive and also these differences in our geographical habitat do not consider Africa a place to be called a jungle, although it is part of its wonderful characteristics and features which can indeed be pleasurable to the eye, but it would be absolutely problematic to generalize and create grounds or make assumptions based on it.

Indeed, those things are part of Africa but are not all Africa entails. When we talk about Africa, we talk about a society with similarities of cultures and traditions that share a similar experience of colonialism, living together and going about their daily lives like everyone else, seeking to improve their economy and their societies, working hard to earn livings and make ends meet.

Africans are also rational and conscious beings who partake in their government, get education, form various groups, peer groups and organizations in the society. They are people who learn, pursue goals and aspire to ensure peaceful co-existence in their society, it doesn’t matter how modern or how traditional the life style they chose to live is, an African is an African.

Africa is a continent of diversities with rich traditional cultures, tropical environment, wildlife and greeneries,

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Africans are very friendly and welcoming people who are very strong, receptive and hardworking, Africa is a place rich in natural resources and with scarcely natural disasters, it is a continent blessed with agriculture and organic products, beautiful people of different shades, culture and tradition. Africa is a place still developing with a lot of potentials and promising youths.

To say Africa is blessed is an understatement.

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  1. Nice job, many people across the world actually have wrong picture of Africa in their head. Information like this will help correct such impression

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kudostim. Africa is so endowed.

  2. Thanks, that’s the reason why we have taken as a duty to showcase Africa in the positive light.

  3. The beauty and nutritional value of an egg is not known until the shell is removed and the albumen and yoke is eaten, so Africa to many people out there. Thanks for this information about our heritage. Africa is great.

    1. Wow! So philosophical. Thanks

  4. I like this website very much, Its a really nice billet to read and receive info .

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